Current Communities

In December 2016, the Federal Transit Administration and Smart Growth America selected five communities to receive technical assistance in the second round of the TOD Technical Assistance Initiative. Those communities are:

  • Birmingham, Alabama, which will support a station area plan around a new bus rapid transit station. The project will aim to maximize TOD potential around the transit center by developing a set of tools that can be replicated around other BRT stations along the corridor, as well as a website and other public outreach strategies.
  • Omaha, Nebraska, which will maximize the development potential of the Dodge Street BRT corridor, including helping city staff draft TOD policy language that includes affordable housing and minimizing displacement of small businesses. In addition, the City of Omaha will develop marketing materials for public outreach regarding TOD.
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico, which identify financial strategies and ridership tools to guide future development surrounding the San Mateo Station of the Central Avenue BRT project. The technical assistance will focus on how to finance infrastructure and real estate improvements to bring higher density, as well as how to incentivize ridership.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina, which will develop strategies to help preserve established neighborhoods and incentivize appropriate TOD along the western end of the Gold Line streetcar corridor, known as the Historic West End.
  • Tacoma, Washington, which will identify economic development and housing opportunities along the Hilltop segment of the Tacoma Link light rail expansion. The technical assistance will result in an economic and housing market study that projects employment, housing, and property trends in addition to TOD opportunity sites.