What’s your TOD type?


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Passed in the November 2016 election, Los Angeles’ Measure JJJ creates an overlay district within a half-mile of major transit stops that allows for increased density, incentives for affordable housing construction, and lower parking requirements. The measure could provide relief to local residents who face increasing pressures from potentially rising housing costs.

Proposed guidelines released last week for LA’s affordable housing incentive program include a tiered typology based on the distance to a transit stop and the type of transit service provided. TOD typologies are a helpful way to determine the different needs of different station areas—not all TODs can be regional centers nor can they all sustain high-rise buildings.

The TOD 202 Station Area Planning Manual found in the TODresources.org library considers the specific needs of a range of place types, from what type of transit service they require to their potential retail environments. Additionally, Portland Metro took a data-driven dive into place types to determine where investments would have the greatest impact in TOD projects by layering extensive GIS data that includes property values, transit service, zoning considerations, walkability, and more.

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