TOD photo gallery


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June 30, 2017

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TOD photo gallery

What does TOD look like, exactly? This question often gets asked in community meetings and from elected leaders. It can be tough to answer because the best TOD projects respond to community’s specific needs, and that looks different from place to place. launched a new set of Flickr galleries exhibiting some of the nation’s best examples of TOD projects.

Explore the galleries to see what TOD projects look like in places like Plano, TX, Minneapolis, MN, Portland, OR, and Denver, CO, including development near Metro stations, light rail lines, and bus rapid transit. Additional galleries explore related ideas like walkability, supporting businesses, and community engagement.

If you’ve ever wondered what TOD looks like in action, these galleries are a great showcase of what it can be. And if you want to help other people in your community understand your vision for TOD, these are a great tool for that too. All of the photos included in these galleries are Creative Commons licensed and ready to be shared.