Active mobility

A tale of two cities…and station access


Union City, CA could divert millions of dollars that voters approved for transit into a new road project, ostensibly to improve station access. To the north in Oakland, CA, developers have proposed a 1,000+ unit housing complex right next to the West Oakland BART Station with just eight off-street parking spots. The contrast leads to a discussion about station access.

Bicycling Access and Egress to Transit: Informing the Possibilities


To aid in developing a framework to evaluate the cost effectiveness of different strategies to integrate transit and bicycling this project: (1) reviews the state of the knowledge, (2) proposes an analysis framework for communities and transit agencies to consider in efforts to maximize the integration of bicycling and transit, (3) conducts focus groups with … Continued

Access and Parking Strategies for TOD


The guide is intended as a resource for municipal officials looking for innovative strategies to support multi-modal access to their transit station and TOD area. While providing parking options in these areas is important, this guide focuses first on assessing multi-modal access strategies as a whole and placing a priority on pedestrian, bicycle and transit … Continued