Case study

Seven American TODs: Good practices for urban design in TOD Projects


This paper analyzes seven American TOD projects in terms of urban design and concludes with a discussion of “good practices” for future TOD projects focusing on development processes, place-making, and facilities. This research supplements prior scholarship on TOD that has tended to focus on policy issues such as regulation and financing.

Incentivizing TOD: Case Studies of Regional Programs Throughout the United States


This report illustrates and assesses different approaches to supporting transit-oriented development, through six case studies of regional programs throughout the country. Through describing the structure, funding and implementation of these programs, the report provides a broad but detailed survey of strategies employed by regional organizations working in concert with local actors to support the balanced … Continued

Business Impact Mitigations for Transit Projects


This report outlines successful strategies that have been used to help businesses survive and thrive in two cities—Seattle, Washington, and St. Paul, Minnesota—that have recently built extensive new light rail lines through neighborhoods rich with small, local, minority- and immigrant-owned businesses. Research for these two case studies included a review of business impact reports, research … Continued