State Policy

Transit-oriented development in the States


Across the United States, in large cities such as Seattle and Miami and in smaller metropolitan areas such as Hartford, Conn., and Fort Collins, Colo., new transit systems are being built to aid mobility, reduce congestion and spark economic activity. Future transit riders may find themselves stepping onto a new light rail car in Houston, … Continued

The Innovative DOT: A Handbook of Policy and Practice (Third Edition)


This handbook collects the innovative approaches that state transportation leaders are already using to make systems more efficient and effective in today’s challenging economy. Smarter transportation investments are both possible and popular; the challenge is determining where to begin and to whom to reach out for support and guidance. Every state is different, from the … Continued

2010 Inventory of TOD Programs


2010 Inventory of TOD Programs: A National Review of State, Regional and Local Programs that Fund Transit-Oriented Development Plans and Projects The scope of this effort was not to compile all policies that support TOD, such as zoning codes, joint development policies or authorizing legislation, but rather to inventory ongoing, institutionalized programs that provide direct … Continued