Los Angeles Equity Atlas


The Equity Atlas draws from existing research and material to understand geographic differences in performance towards achieving the countywide equity goals outlined in the report. The Equity Atlas clearly articulates how these goals related to transportation and land use investments. The Equity Atlas overlays the transit network on different measures to understand how we perform … Continued

TOD 204: Planning for TOD at the Regional Scale


This guidebook, which includes case studies from around the country, focuses on regional planning for TOD, including the general framework and benefits, and eight strategies for successful regional TOD planning.

TOD 206: Intercity Rail and Transit-Oriented Development


This booklet identifies some of the different steps cities and towns can take to create TOD around their intercity rail stations. It also offers some useful tools and examples of how cities of a range of sizes are utilizing their intercity rail stations to revitalize downtowns, preserve historic buildings, create connections to other forms of … Continued