What does transit-oriented development look like?

The best TOD projects respond to the community’s specific needs, and that looks different from place to place. Explore the galleries to see what TOD projects look like in cities across the country >>


The TOD Technical Assistance Initiative is a project of the Federal Transit Administration administered by Smart Growth America that provides on-the-ground and online technical assistance to support transit-oriented development, improve access to public transportation, and build new economic opportunities and pathways to employment for local communities. Learn more about the project >>

Find TOD Resources Customized for You

A trove of guidebooks, research papers, fact sheets, interactive tools, and videos have been created in recent years about TOD and how to do it well. Not sure where to start with all of that information? Use the tool below to find the resources best-suited for your work. Simply select one option from each of the three drop-down menus below, then click "Find My Resources" to get tailored resource recommendations.