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Albuquerque investing in place


In this month’s episode of Building Better Communities with Transit, we connect with a planner who helped bring high-quality bus rapid transit to Albuquerque. ART, as the new line is called, is just one project but it forms a frequent and reliable backbone for Albuquerque’s entire transportation system.

The five communities selected for TOD technical assistance


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Five communities working to support development around transit projects will get a big boost this year thanks to technical assistance from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), in partnership with Smart Growth America.

The National Public Transportation/Transit-Oriented Development Technical Assistance Initiative is a four-year project of FTA in partnership with Smart Growth America that helps communities across the country build equitable, compact, mixed-use development around transit stations or along transit corridors, with a focus on development in economically disadvantaged areas.

Active Transportation and Real Estate: The Next Frontier


Active Transportation and Real Estate: The Next Frontier explores the interconnections among walking, bicycling, and real estate development. It showcases the growing synergies between real estate development and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure investments.

Albuquerque Rapid Transit Business Assistance  


Website providing informaiton on the upcoming construction of the bus rapid transit line, Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART), along an 8.75-mile stretch of Central Avenue: 60 days of sidewalk widening, landscaping, roadway resurfacing, and center lane roadway reconfigurations to build stations and create a dedicated lane for the buses.