Miami FL

One zone to rule them all


This month on Building Better Communities with Transit we’re joined by Eric Singer and Andrej Micovic, Associates at Bilzin Sumberg in Miami who talk about the creation of a unique ordinance in Miami-dade County that consolidates land use decision making. They also talk about how recent TIF districts and the county’s Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Plan interact with that ordinance and what’s important in writing planning code.

“Rapid Transit Zones” put control of TOD under one jurisdiction


To streamline interjurisdictional planning along rapid transit corridors, Miami-Dade County adopted a “Rapid Transit Zone” (RTZ) ordinance in which gives permitting and zoning jurisdiction for county-owned properties near designated transit to the county instead of each independent city.

Preserving Affordability and Access in Livable Communities: Subsidized Housing Opportunities Near Transit and the 50+ Population


In the next five years as many as 160,000 renters in 20 metro areas could lose their affordable apartments near transit because the contracts on their privately-owned HUD-subsidized rental units are due to expire. The renewed popularity of urban living means that properties in walkable neighborhoods near transit have increased in value, and that property … Continued