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Transit-Oriented Development Tools for Metropolitan Planning Organizations


Metropolitan Planning Organizations play a very important role in the planning and implementation of TOD. As regional planning bodies, MPOs are in a unique position to support stakeholders within their jurisdiction to take actions or adopt policies that support transit-oriented development and provide funding for planning and transit supportive infrastructure. In long-standing federal law for … Continued

Destinations Matter: Building Transit Success


This paper analyzes the performance of 19 transit lines to better understand the factors contributing to high ridership. Of the 19 lines examined, seven exceeded projections, eight are on track to beat projections, and two did not meet projections, while data for three was unavailable. The conclusion: that connecting destinations is key, and that the … Continued

Building and Preserving Affordable Homes Near Transit


Building and Preserving Affordable Homes Near Transit: Affordable TOD as a Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Equity Strategy The California Housing Partnership Corporation initiated this report in order to assess existing research on the role of preservation and development of affordable housing in transit-­-oriented corridors as a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategy for California. As a … Continued