Transit-Oriented Development Tools for Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Metropolitan Planning Organizations play a very important role in the planning and implementation of TOD. As regional planning bodies, MPOs are in a unique position to support stakeholders within their jurisdiction to take actions or adopt policies that support transit-oriented development and provide funding for planning and transit supportive infrastructure. In long-standing federal law for MPOs, the goals of a typical regional TOD strategic plan dovetail with the goals that metropolitan planning organizations of all sizes must strive to meet with their planning efforts. TOD is more successful if both public and private investments are planned as part of a regional transit or TOD strategy. This improves the efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of transportation investments and yields more value to more people. Because MPOs play a primary role in identifying priority projects for federal transportation funding, they are uniquely set-up to support region-wide planning efforts, and to encourage local jurisdictions to implement TOD strategies when engaging in transportation, housing, or land use planning.