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An exurban transit-oriented community


Green field development around new light rail stations south of Denver will create 32 city blocks mixing office, retail, and residential spaces for approximately 5,000 residents and 40,000 jobs in the future.

Hudson Yards: A value capture case study


New York City’s latest mega development—Hudson Yards—covered acres of train tracks and industrial land with a 37,000 ton platform allowing for the (re)development of 45 square blocks of prime New York City real estate. There are criticisms of Hudson Yards, but it is also seen as a case study in innovative finance and the use of value capture to fund affordable housing, green space, and transit and street infrastructure.

Utah’s new rubric provides a clear TOD framework


The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) is using a new points system to select three TOD project sites on agency owned land that will be available for joint development with outside partners. The points system provides a fair, objective way to select TOD sites.

Getting intentional about equitable TOD in Chicago


This month on Building Better Communities with Transit we talk with Kendra Freeman, the director of community engagement for the regional Metropolitan Planning Council, about TOD in Chicago. A recent update to the city’s TOD policy puts a new focus on equitable development in a city that has seen stark differences in outcomes based on zip code.

More revisions and clarity in California’s landmark TOD bill


California State Senator Scott Weiner has submitted proposals for sweeping legislation that, if adopted, would change how development happens near transit throughout California. Now, after discussing issues with constituents and people around the state, more changes have been made to the bill in hopes of getting the legislation passed this year.

Stitching together Atlanta with transit and open space


To reconnect two major Atlanta employment districts, the Downtown Atlanta Master Plan suggests putting a cap on Interstate 85which runs below grade between Midtown and Downtown Atlanta. Value capture from new development proximate to the area’s MARTA station could help fund the project.

TOD winds shift in San Diego


This month on Building Better Communities with Transit we chat with Colin Parent, Executive Director of Circulate San Diego, an advocacy organization that promotes public and active transportation in tandem with sustainable growth. As Colin notes, much of the renewed interest and support for transit and transit-oriented development is being driven by one thing: the housing crisis.

Balancing development with green space


A plot of land along the Cleveland Red Line is at the center of an argument over whether property would be best used for transit-oriented development or left fallow as part of a future greenway.

BRT is coming. Will affordable housing?


A new fund has been launched to acquire vacant lots, underutilized properties, and existing buildings to support the preservation and construction of mixed-income housing near Indianapolis’ bus routes and three future bus rapid transit lines.