Transit Agencies

Transit-Oriented Development Strategic Plan for Portland Metro TOD Program


This Strategic Plan is designed to guide future investments by the Metro TOD Program, in order to ensure the program maximizes the opportunities for catalyzing transit-oriented development throughout the region and effectively leverages additional resources to comprehensively advance TOD in all station areas and frequent bus corridors. This plan contains the following components: • An … Continued

Making Affordable Housing at Transit a Reality: Best Practices in Transit Agency Joint Development


Transit agencies’ primary mission is to provide transit service; however, most recognize that affordable housing can play a key role in supporting their mission,” the report’s authors, Robin Kniech and Melinda Pollack, note. The authors found successful transit agencies play a critical complementary role to local governments, often initiating projects that include affordable housing that … Continued

Thinking Beyond the Station


You are cutting it close, rushing to catch your bus or train. Just as you arrive to the station/stop, you hear the heart-crushing sound of acceleration. You look up, it’s rolling down the line. It’s gone. Now you’ll have thirty long, lonely minutes to dwell on your near miss as cars careen past you. Your … Continued