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Bold proposal to alleviate housing crisis


Map of transit-rich zones in the Bay Area
In an effort to alleviate high housing prices by increasing supply, a bill filed by a California State Senator would allow building height increases, eliminate parking minimums, and nix restrictive design standards for new residential buildings within a quarter-mile of a high-frequency bus transit corridor and a half-mile of a major transit stop.

Measuring the impacts of new development


The largest share of emissions in California and the country now come from the transportation sector. To address the emissions, the City of San Diego recently developed a tool to help planners determine where and what kind of development should occur to reduce single occupant vehicle use and vehicle miles traveled (VMT) — two key contributors to overall transportation emissions.

Making the most of commuter rail stations


Commuter rail stations throughout the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region offer convenient access to quality, high-paying jobs. Yet the land immediately surrounding many of these stations is still underutilized with low-density development, according to a new report from the Regional Plan Association (RPA).

A ripple effect of economic growth


A forthcoming commuter rail service line between New Haven, CT and Springfield, MA is injecting new life into often forgotten portions of the Northeast region. The Hartford line, scheduled to launch in May 2018, is part of a larger partnership among the State of Connecticut, Amtrak, and the Federal Railroad Administration. The program will eventually facilitate passenger rail expansion to New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Montreal.