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How to become a “20-minute city”


What does it take to become a ’20-minute city’ — a community where important destinations are reachable within 20-minute trip on foot, bike, or transit? Cities such as Tempe, Arizona and Portland, Oregon are aiming to find out; they each set goals to become 20-minute cities in an effort to become more efficient, sustainable, and multi-modal.

Cities revisit parking policies to increase TOD success


Santa Monica, CA, once known for pioneering the downtown public parking structure in the 1970s, recently eliminated parking minimums for future development. The move aims to support existing transit investments while reducing cost barriers to building new housing or opening businesses.

Amazon’s call for a connected, pedestrian-friendly campus


Amazon’s call for bids provides much to consider from a TOD perspective; competitive contenders will need to find ways to ramp up office and transit capacity for so many workers, determine what qualifying sites would best take advantage of existing or planned stations, and integrate the new headquarters into the existing urban form while minimizing any increases in vehicle miles traveled.

TOD gains speed in the suburbs


TOD projects in suburban neighborhoods are gaining traction, yet are often overlooked by their larger, more urban counterparts. The growing number of smaller TOD projects along Chicago’s Metra commuter lines is encouraging more bedroom communities to follow suit, according to the Chicago Tribune.